Five generations of winemakers and builders

The spirit of Family. Tradition and quality.

The Joseph Janoueix family has been perpetuating the art of vines and wine for over 100 years. The reputation of its wines has been built by the constant search for quality and respect of its customers. The Joseph Janoueix house remains united and continues to perfect the company.

First generation :
Jean Janoueix and Léonard Estrade

At the end of the 19th century, Jean Janoueix, born in Combressol (Corrèze) in 1867, a harsh country that forged strong, enterprising and obstinate men, as well as Leonard ESTRADE, decided to embark on the wine trade.

Second generation :
Joseph et Marie-Antoinette Janoueix

In 1930, he fulfilled his dream: he acquired the Château Haut-Sarpe in Saint-Emilion in the Grands Crus Classés terroir; a little later, he added to his heritage the Châteaux La Croix and La Croix Saint Georges in Pomerol.

On the strength of this first success, in 1932 he set about restoring the estate and has never ceased since that time to enlarge his wine-growing heritage, with his three brothers following in his footsteps.

In 1933, Joseph Janoueix married Marie-Antoinette Estrade, who was also of old stock from Corrèze and the daughter of a trader. A woman with a sharp mind, a heart and action, she was the indispensable complement to Joseph.

Third generation :
Jean-François and Françoise Janoueix, Marie-Josèphe Chabut-Janoueix

Jean-François Janoueix, the son of Joseph Janoueix and Marie-Antoinette Estrade, took over from his father at the head of the company and in visits to the clientele which he had since extended across the world. He in turn fulfilled a specific dream: that of resurrecting his latest acquisitions: the Château Castelot in Saint-Emilion (an old residence where King Henry IV, is said to have stayed) and the Château La Croix Toulifaut in Pomerol.

Françoise Janoueix, Jean-François' wife, is responsible for exports and finances.

Marie-Josephe Chabut-Janoueix, sister of Jean-François, is also involved in the administration of the House; her son, Henry Chabut-Janoueix, a graduate in viticulture and oenology, is the general and commercial director.

Fourth generation of the Family Joseph Janoueix

Jean-Pierre Janoueix, son of Jean-François and Françoise Janoueix, canvasses the Nordic countries. He owns the Château La Gasparde property in Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux, Château Queyron and Haut Ferrandat in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.

Jean-Philippe Janoueix, Jean-Pierre's younger brother, is the talented owner of Châteaux la Confession (Grand Cru Saint Emilion), Croix-Mouton and Le Conseiller (Bordeaux Supérieur), and since 2014 of Château Cap d' Or renamed Cap Saint George (St Georges St Emilion). He was named "«Vintner of the year».

Henry Chabut-Janoueix took on his grandfather's clientele in Brittany and Normandy. He owns the Châteaux Franc-Cantenac (Grand Cru Saint-Emilion), La Rose Saint Georges (St Georges St Emilon) and Saint Genès (Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux).

Jean-Joseph Limoujoux-Janoueix, son of Marie-Françoise Limoujoux-Janoueix, is commercial manager of the Corrèze department.

Olivier Badia is very effectively involved in the sales force in France and Belgium. His son Thomas is the great grandson of Marie-Antoinette and Joeseph Janoueix.

Frédéric Chevrier-Dupin, son-in-law of Marie-Josephe Chabut-Janoueix, has chosen to leave the bank to complete our team.

Fifth generation :
Joseph Janoueix and Paul-Alexandre Chevrier-Dupin

The fifth generation is on its way to carry the torch. Joseph Janoueix and his cousin Paul-Alexandre Chevrier-Dupin have just joined Purpan's school to become agronomic engineers.

Now, eight members of the younger generation are ambassadors for our Domains.

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