Bio Dynamic Cultivation

Wine-growing in organic farming:

The choice of a global and innovative cultivation method.

The vine is part of a system. This is called an ecosystem. The aim of the different systems is to preserve the environment.

areas where a certain biodiversity can express itself and authorises the controlled use of mineral fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Used at doses that we are assured do not have a lasting and negative impact on living organisms. It is integrated or sustainable viticulture.

Organic cultivation: the wine as such is not organic, only the grape from which it comes is cultivated "organically". That is to say, the vines are treated only with products of natural origin. No products created from synthetic chemistry are used. On the other hand, sulphur and copper are used because they are products of mineral origin.

Biodynamic Culture: is an organic farming technique codified at the beginning of the 20th century that takes into account the magnetic influence of the earth, the moon and the sun in the development of the plant and its natural defences. Biodynamics is more constraining than organic in the use of treatments that must be done in relation to the cycle of the stars.

The Joseph Janoueix vineyards started with Biodynamics from 2011.

Jean-François Janoueix has a green, ecological and environmental vision.

Moreover, he is a donor of many ancient agricultural tools to the Ecomuseum of Libournais. Visits possible. It offers in an original and lively way an insight into the civilisation of vine and the territory.
For more information, please contact us at 05 57 74 56 89.

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